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Ban and her younger  sister , Huynh Thi Thu Thao  are  illegitimate children . Her mum , Huynh Thi Thuong, born in 1970,  is a farmer . In 2003, because of the difficult life ,  her mum went to Ho Chi Minh to earn for her living . Then she cameback her hometown . Up to know , Ban's mum has managed by herself to feed Ban's siblings . In fact , besides working on the fields , her mum has hardly worked as a hired labour . Although she has worked hard all day , her income is low and unstable , about $ 21 USD per month  which was not enough to pay for monthly expenses about $ 71 USD. Her  family now meet with serious difficulties so her mother couldn't afford to raise her young kids .Thus her family is one of the poorest families in her locality . Knowing that her girl , Ban, would have no future in the family situation and not wanting her to be illiterate , Ban's mum applied for Ban  to enroll at the VOH. She was accepted on August 5 , 2013. She hopes Ban  will have a good living environment amongst with similar circumstances and a bright future. 

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Founded in 1993, the Village of Hope is where the care of orphans have particularly difficult circumstances and hearing impaired children.


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